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Sarah Henry Learning Solutions -3 Categories

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Girl's Softball Team

Strengthening You

As the name goes, this segment of learning Solutions target the skill enhancement of Executives/managers/leaders within an organisation, Facilitators, Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Independent Bodies.

Courses Offered:

The solutions are divided into ten prime courses and one Flag-ship course “SMART”.

These courses aim to develop the Individuals by strengthening their core strengths. Each course is designed to enable individuals to discover newer facets of their personality. Stronger the foundation, strong the building!

1 Understanding You

2. Exploring personal Objectives

3. Creating Life Goals 

4. Balancing EQ, IQ and BNQ

5. Interview Handling Skills

6. Building Conversation Skills

7.English Language Proficiency

8.Social and Cultural Flexibility

9. Fine Dining Etiquette

10. Purposeful Dressing and Grooming


" Each learner , at any stage of their life should be treated like a seedling in a garden  and the coach as the gardener who nurtures the seedling"

Mary Annik Henry,

Education Advisor,SHLS