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 We need your vision to support our vision , lets do something tangible without expecting tangible monetary benefits.

Professor & Students


At SHLS, we strive to build a stronger team of facilitators, imparters and teachers across industries. We also continuously support social causes not just as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility but also as a part of Personal Social Responsibility.


Courses Offered:

The solutions under this segment are divided into two sub-segments.

1.The counselling services are one to one interventions, wherein the facilitator plays the role of a counsellor and an Executive coach.

2.The Education solutions focus on building a repertoire of innovative facilitation skills for teachers.

Only a teacher who can unlearn, can teach his/her students to learn.

  • Counselling Services                

  • Career Guidance & Counselling Young  Adult      

  • Counselling professionals on work life balance                                                                

  • Counselling Parents and Women

  • Helping Educational Institutions and Community

  • Aiding Teachers/professors with new teaching tools

  • Strengthening Educator -student connect

  • Serving community via various service platforms

“If Nelson Mandela had chosen to speak like the masses, he wouldn’t have ever become the voice of the masses.”

Siroonik Sarah Henry, SHLS

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